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24130CDE4 C3 Bearing 24130 CA CC MB /W33 Spherical Roller Bearing

24130CDE4 C3 Bearing 24130 CA CC MB /W33 Spherical Roller Bearing

  • 24130CDE4 C3  Bearing 24130 CA CC MB /W33 Spherical Roller Bearing
  • 24130CDE4 C3  Bearing 24130 CA CC MB /W33 Spherical Roller Bearing
  • 24130CDE4 C3  Bearing 24130 CA CC MB /W33 Spherical Roller Bearing
24130CDE4 C3  Bearing 24130 CA CC MB /W33 Spherical Roller Bearing
Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA Japan
Brand Name: QIEAL ZH
Model Number: 24130CDE4 C3
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: neutral packing
Delivery Time: 2-5 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000 pieces/month
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Detailed Product Description
Type: Roller, 24130 CA CC MB Spherical Roller Bearing Structure: Spherical, Taper
Precision Rating: P0 P6 P5 P4 P2: P0 P6 P5 P4 P2 Number Of Row: Double Row
Model Number: 24130CDE4 C3 Seals Type: OPen Zz 2RS
Noise: Z1V1 Z2V2 Z3V3 Material: Steel Bearings, Carbon Bearings, Stainless Bearings
Item: 24130 CA CC MB Spherical Roller Bearing
High Light:

excavator components


mini excavator parts

24130CDE4 C3 Bearing 24130 CA CC MB /W33 Spherical Roller Bearing


24130CDE4 C3 NSK bearing 24130 CA CC MB /W33 Spherical Roller Bearing
Spherical roller bearing types: CC,CA,MB,E,CAK,CAE,CCK series
spherical roller bearing: High precision, long life, low noise, high-end technology, low vibration and conform to the export standard



Spherical roller bearings are dediexcavatored to extremely severe appliexcavatorions and must withstand high loads, severe misalignment, contaminated environments, shocks and vibrations. And with the industry's highest load rating and production coming from a

Factory near you, there's no reason to look anywhere else for spherical roller bearings.

Shown in the figures, ea, c, cd, ca types, which are designed for high load capacity, are available. Types ea, c and cd have pressed steel cages; and the ca type has machined brass cages. Type ea has especially high load capacity, features low torque and has a high strength cage.



Spherical bearings are used in numerous appliexcavatorions where rotational movement must be allowed to alter the alignment of their axis of rotation. An excellent example is a tie rod in a vehicle suspension. The suspension mechanics allow the axle to move up and down, but the linkages are designed to control that movement in only one direction and must allow movement in the other directions. Spherical bearings have been used in automobile suspensions, drive shafts, heavy machinery, sewing machines and many other appliexcavatorions.


Inner Diameter(mm) 150
Outer Diameter(mm) 250
Width(mm) 100
Weight(kg) 20.4
Material Chrome steel
Sealed type OPEN,RZ,2RS,4RS
Tolerance P0,P6,P5,P4,P2
Clearance C2,C0,C3,C4,C5
Noize level Z,Z1,Z2,Z3
Appliexcavatorion spherical roller bearing

24130CDE4 C3 NSK bearing 24130 CA CC MB /W33 Spherical Roller Bearing


24130CDE4 C3  Bearing 24130 CA CC MB /W33 Spherical Roller Bearing 124130CDE4 C3  Bearing 24130 CA CC MB /W33 Spherical Roller Bearing 224130CDE4 C3  Bearing 24130 CA CC MB /W33 Spherical Roller Bearing 3


21308CAE4 21308CAKE4 23022CAE4 24024CAE4 23120CAE4 23136CAME4S11E4
21309CAE4 21309CAKE4 23024CAE4 24026CAE4 23122CAE4 23138CAME4S11E4
21310CAE4 21310CAKE4 23026CAE4 24028CAE4 23124CAE4 23140CAME4S11E4
21311CAE4 21311CAKE4 23028CAE4 24030CAE4 23126CAE4 23144CAME4S11E4
21312CAE4 21312CAKE4 23030CAE4 24032CAE4 23128CAE4 23148CAME4S11E4
21313CAE4 21313CAKE4 23032CAE4 24034CAE4 23130CAE4 23152CAME4S11E4
21314CAE4 21314CAKE4 23034CAE4 24036CAE4 23132CAE4 23156CAME4S11E4
21315CAME4S114 21315CAKMKE4S114 23036CAME4S11 24038CAME4S11 23134CAME4S11 23160CAME4S11E4
21316CAME4S114 21316CAKMKE4S114 23038CAME4S11 24040CAME4S11 23136CAME4S11 23164CAME4S11E4
21317CAME4S114 21317CAKMKE4S114 23040CAME4S11 24044CAME4S11 23138CAME4S11 23168CAME4S11E4
21318CAME4S114 21318CAKMKE4S114 23044CAME4S11 24049CAME4S11 23140CAME4S11 23172CAME4S11E4
21319CAME4S114 21319CAKMKE4S114 23048CAME4S11 24052CAME4S11 23144CAME4S11 23176CAME4S11E4
21320CAME4S114 21320CAKMKE4S114 23052CAME4S11 24056CAME4S11 23148CAME4S11 23180CAME4S11E4
21322CAME4S114 21322CAKMKE4S114 23056CAME4S11 24060CAME4S11 23152CAME4S11 23184CAME4S11E4
24122CDE4 22208CDE4 23060CAME4S11 24064CAME4S11 23156CAME4S11 23188CAME4S11E4
24124CDE4 22209CDE4 23064CAME4S11 24068CAME4S11 23160CAME4S11 23192CAME4S11E4
24126CDE4 22210CDE4 23068CAME4S11 24072CAME4S11 23164CAME4S11 22215CAKE4
24128CDE4 22211CDE4 23072CAME4S11 24076CAME4S11 23168CAME4S11 22216CAKE4
24130CDE4 22212CDE4 23076CAME4S11 24080CAME4S11 23172CAME4S11 22217CAKE4
24132CDE4 22213CDE4 23080CAME4S11 24084CAME4S11 23176CAME4S11 22218CAKE4
24134CDE4 22214CDE4 23084CAME4S11 24088CAME4S11 23180CAME4S11 22219CAKE4
24136CAME4 22215CAME4 23088CAME4S11 24092CAME4S11 23184CAME4S11 22220CAKE4
24138CAME4 22216CAME4 23092CAME4S11 24096CAME4S11 23188CAME4S11 22222CAKE4
24140CAME4 22217CAME4 23096CAME4S11 240/500CAME4S11 23192CAME4S11 22224CAMKE4
24144CAM4 22218CAM4 230/500CAME4S11 22308CDE4 23196CAME4S11 22226CAMKE4
24148CAM4 22219CAME4 23218CDE4 22309CDE4 24126CDK30E4 22228CAMKE4
24152CAME4 22220CAME4 23219CDE4 22310CDE4 24128CDK30E4 22230CAMKE4
24156CAME4 22222CAME4 23220CDE4 22311CDE4 24130CDK30E4 22232CAMKE4
24160CAME4 22224CAME4 23222CDE4 22312CDE4 24132CDK30E4 22234CAMKE4
24164CAME4 22226CAME4 23224CDE4 22313CDE4 24134CDK30E4 22236CAMKE4
24168CAME4 22228CAME4 23226CDE4 22314CDE4 24136CDK30E4 22238CAMKE4
24172CAME4 22230CAME4 23228CDE4 22315CAME4 24138CDK30E4 22240CAMKE4
24180CAME4 22232CAME4 23230CAME4 22316CAME4 24140CDK30E4 22244CAMKE4
24184CAME4 22234CAME4 23232CAME4 22317CAM4 24144CDK30E4 22248CAMKE4
24188CAME4 22236CAME4 23234CAME4 22318CAM4 24148CDK30E4 22252CAMKE4
24024CDE4 22238CAME4 23236CAME4 22319CAME4 24152CDK30E4 22256CAMKE4
24026CDE4 22240CAME4 23238CAME4 22320CAME4 24156CDK30E4 22260CAMKE4
24028CDE4 22244CAME4 23240CAME4 22322CAME4 24160CDK30E4 22264CAMKE4
24030CDE4 22248CAME4 23244CAME4 22324CAME4 24164CDK30E4 22268CAMKE4
24032CDE4 22252CAME4 23248CAME4 22326CAME4 24168CDK30E4 22272CAMKE4
24034CDE4 22256CAME4 23252CAME4 22328CAME4 24172CDK30E4 22276CAMKE4
24036CDE4 22260CAME4 23256CAME4 22330CAME4 24180CDK30E4 22280CAMKE4
24038CDE4 22264CAME4 23260CAME4 22332CAME4 24184CDK30E4 22284CAMKE4
24040CDE4 22268CAME4 23264CAME4 22334CAME4 24188CDK30E4 22288CAMKE4
24044CDE4 22272CAME4 23268CAME4 22336CAME4 24056CAMK30E4 23218CAKE4
24049CDE4 22276CAME4 23272CAME4 22338CAME4 24060CAMK30E4 23219CAKE4
24052CDE4 22280CAME4 23276CAME4 22340CAME4 24064CAMK30E4 23220CAKE4
24056CDE4 22284CAME4 23280CAME4 22344CAME4 24068CAMK30E4 23222CAKE4
24060CDE4 22288CAME4 23284CAME4 22348CAME4 24072CAMK30E4 23224CAKE4
24064CDE4 24024CAMK30E4 23288CAME4 22352CAME4 24076CAMK30E4 23226CAKE4
24068CDE4 24026CAMK30E4 23292CAME4 22356CAME4 24080CAMK30E4 23228CAKE4
24072CDE4 24028CAMK30E4 23296CAME4 22360CAME4 24084CAMK30E4 23230CAKE4
24076CDE4 24030CAMK30E4 232/500CAE4 22364CAME4 24088CAMK30E4 23232CAKE4
24080CDE4 24032CAMK30E4 23120CDE4 22368CAME4 24092CAMK30E4 23234CAKE4
24084CDE4 24034CAMK30E4 23122CDE4 22372CAME4 24096CAMK30E4 23236CAKE4
24088CDE4 24036CAMK30E4 23124CDE4 22376CAME4 240/500CAK30E4 23238CAKE4
24092CDE4 24038CAMK30E4 23126CDE4 22380CAME4 22208CAKE4 23240CAKE4
24096CDE4 24040CAMK30E4 23128CDE4 22384CAME4 22209CAKE4 23244CAKE4
240/500CDE4 24044CAMK30E4 23130CDE4 22388CAME4 22210CAKE4 23248CAMKE4
24122CDK30E4 24049CAMK30E4 23132CDE4 22392CAME4 22211CAKE4 23252CAMKE4
24124CDK30E4 24052CAMK30E4 23134CDE4 22396CAME4 22212CAKE4 23256CAMKE4



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We have our own R & D capabilities, to help customers solve the problem of standard or non-standard bearings. We can also according to customer needs to change their own brand . More details please see below, more interested please contact me at any time.


Japanese original spherical bearing nsk roller bearing 23122 cke4/c3 nsk 23122

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